Our staff


Bradley Ellis - Rental/Sales Manager - Director

Experienced Property Manager, Sales Agent and National Commercial Facilities Manager.

Brad has a professional demeanor, any project Multi-National or Local he can get it done smoothly and profitably, with all stakeholders expectations met and communicated strongly through the process.

Brad loves looking after our Investors, Developers and  Multiple-property and facility owners, maximizing their yield and keeping them up-to-date on property values, local data and new business development. 


Janet Brown -Rental Manager

 Experienced Property Manager, also Administration and Commercial Facilities Manager.

Janet creates a connection with people from all walks of life and is a very strong communicator, any situation she approaches is well organised and no surprises, everybody is brought along through the process in a well informed manner.

Janet loves looking after our challenging properties or areas that require a person quick to adapt to market situations or diverse tenant demographics.


Anna Von Behr - Rental Manager

 Experienced Property Manager, also Bachelor qualifications with Honours in ECT and Facility Management.

Anna has a warm and caring demeanor, any situation she approaches has the best interests of the client at heart, any project she takes on is dealt with in a planned, mapped out way, with methodical execution.

Anna loves looking after our clients that prefer the personal touch, going the extra mile when needed and having the strong trust of people around her that she will provide an outcome that looks after all parties involved.


Gavin Arnold - Rental/Sales Manager

 Experienced Property Manager and Sales Agent, also Commercial Operations Manager.

Gavin has a "can do" attitude and optimistic demeanor, any situation he approaches pretty much has a "Yes" attached to it, he has a 24/7 approach for his clients and where most situations are too difficult for others, he seems to complete with ease.

Gavin loves looking after our clients in the Northern "Growth" corridor, he is passionate about the growth potential of the region, coming infrastructure and future prospects.


Jon Seppanen - IT Director

IT Director  -  Solutions Architect, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer and a UI/UX enthusiast. Jon has heavy experience in backend, frontend, middle-end, middle-out and infrastructure who likes to build pretty things that go fast.  

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